Enmore Talk #1: Which Way Will You Go?


Our first Enmore Talk revolved around how to break into the graphic design industry, and once there, how to find your fit; whether you prefer to work for a large company, a small independent studio, or for yourself. Kirsten and Richard were the guest speakers for the night.

Kirsten, who specialises in typography, showcased portfolio work of past Enmore TAFE students who have since graduated, some of them having gone on to seize great opportunities in the industry. The showcase helped us current students get an idea for the type of quality and polish needed to go into a portfolio when looking to apply for jobs or internships.

Richard, who is a creative director at Sydney-based branding company Re, told us about his career journey — from landing his first job, to moving into the marketing department of one of London’s major fashion brands, to going freelance, to eventually moving overseas to Australia where he lives and works today. He also addressed expectations for working in the industry for the first time as a junior designer.

Richard’s passion and vitality for his work, which hasn’t appeared to have waned despite a long, seasoned career in the industry, was reassuring to see as a budding designer. He drove home the point that your portfolio is vital to getting your foot in the door, and the time for it to be at its utmost best is now, which served as a powerful reminder that if I’m not currently delivering my best work, I need to kick myself into gear and improve with future assignments.


What are the current local and global trends in graphic design?

  • In the age of technology and the rapid spread of information via social media, design trends are constantly changing.
  • Because of the rapid turnover in trends, the only way to make a statement is to go bold, resulting in more experimental and exciting designs.
  • Some examples of current design trends include effects such as glitching, double exposure, duo tone, vibrant gradients, jumbled and bold typography, unconventional colours, mixing traditional and digital media, and hand-rendered type.
  • Social media is also a vital platform for reaching large audiences, and has changed the way we communicate as people and as designers. A popular format of humour and communication on social media is the use of memes, and major companies/organisations have taken to using them as part of their marketing in modern times.

Spotify is known for their use of duo tones throughout their media


An example of “meme marketing” by Gucci on social media

How is the graphic design industry responding to these trends?

  • As Richard put it, a successful company will stay true to its heart, but keep up with the speed of time (ie. current design trends).
  • Many major companies appear to be shifting towards more vibrant, colourful designs, falling in line with modern tastes, and moving away from traditional corporate blue or neutral tones.

Ebay rebranding




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